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The government accused some ISPs themselves of illegal VOIP, making the controls necessary. The problem is that this seriously infringes on the right to privacy of subscribers.Why should private internet users be subjected to profiling to nab a few bypassers?The kind explanation is that the government only wants to protect us from objectionable content and maintain law and order.But the fact that popular sites like and even scientific journals like were on the list of blocked URLs raises alarm bells because of the state's sheer incompetence and ham-handedness.Last year, the NTA made it mandatory for ISPs to install filtering software to block websites that are 'obscene, seductive and corrupt social morals'.Any content threatening 'religious harmony, national security, and goes against values and beliefs of the state' were deemed objectionable enough to be blocked.The government's argument is that it wants the information to fight crime, terrorism and porn.But the way in which internet users and their activities are being tracked (the most recent is the requirement of ID cards to use cyber cafes) the government's motives are suspect.

Now, the government is monitoring browsing details of high bandwidth subscribers.

The question is what are we as citizens going to do about it? and expose our children to them and sexualise them...

The question is what are we as citizens going to do about it? do you not realise that Nepal has one of the worst records anywhere in the world of adults exposing children to pornography?

The government chose not to use legal methods to enforce this ban, unmindful that it was a violation to constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy and free expression.

"It is simply not acceptable for the government to bypass legal channels and introduce such regulations by orders.

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