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There’s a good chance that this will send one of you off into the job market, searching for a new place of employment …"Considering that there are some eight billion people on the planet, some question why anyone would choose an office mate for romance, with all the potential gossip, possibility of a job nightmare if things go south, terminations, and maybe even a lawsuit as icing on the cake," Taylor explains.After a short chat they leave…I can only assume no one was available in the store to take the bait.There are so many prime examples of illegal prostitution in Lebanon, as I am sure there are in every part of the world, but I believe pointing it out is worth it.

Forgive me for being so forward but let’s be honest, someone speaking their mind about the disgust around them is much less offensive than the bulls*** that is happening in clubs around Lebanon.

She wants to explore the world but her innocence makes her easy prey for any wolf that walks up on her..

Rosalie is so hot in the ass that she even makes a dead end hallway sexy.

After a very short time in Lebanon I learned so much about the country, some good some I recently discovered something truly nauseating…so now, let’s just say I don’t want anyone to ever call me a “Beirut Girl”.

Not a minute later a large man (their pimp) walks in looks around the store then puts his hand up.

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