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Moira and Isabel refused to acknowledge the glances, open-mouthed stares and whispers that abounded, and they sailed through their first day and second week of work respectively, returning home tired but satisfied about 6 p.m.to watch the evening news and get supper going before watching a bit of telly before bed.He loved to sit and watch as his bride moved so effortlessly in bondage.

Lord, Sheila and Michael Baker were comparing notes about last details to subdue, bind and "surgically alter" Isabel and Moira in preparation for delivery to the kidnapper-couriers, Catherine and Joanne, as requested by a powerful white-slavery cartel which had contracted their services. He imagined what he was going to do with all that additional loot that would be stashed in his Swiss bank account after these little surgeries were completed – probably in less than three hours – this weekend.Her husband watched Moira dutifully from his armchair and noted her motions were becoming more fluid, graceful and relaxed as she got used to the sensations of taking 18-in., chain-snubbed strides. Bedside clocks in the Metcalfe and Mac Peak households clattered together at exactly a.m.and Isabel and Moira swung their chained legs out of bed to get ready for work.She greeted him at the door with a warm hug, snuggling close to him so her breasts flattened hard against his muscular chest. Isabel showed Peter her letter from Sheila, the Balmoral Hotel proprietor, and Peter nodded his silent assent. Lord, recently disbarred from the Scottish medical society for professional misconduct, was a highly-skilled general surgeon with a background in clinical psychology. Moira Mac Peak," the surgeon said, with a sinister glint in his ice-cold, blue eyes.The trip was on and Isabel and Moira were all smiles after Isabel phoned to say they would be coming up at the weekend. Lord had brought along his surgical equipment and anesthesia suite; a wide variety of IV equipment, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and analgesics had been delivered and unpacked; specially-screened medical staff had been hired and was to arrive at the appointed time, Friday night, Sept. Lord and the Bakers; and, finally, Ned, a Tobermory metalworker, welder and artificer, had been engaged and briefed on the job requirements -- his silence assured with a generous sum of Scottish pounds – all paid for through the special joint bank account set up in the names of Blaker and Ford, at the Scottish national bank, Aberdeen. He disguised his psychotic/sadistic predilections well. Targeted by the Bakers to carry out the special bondages and surgeries required by the white slavers, he was the ideal man for the job -- sworn to silence but driven by avarice, money and power. His palms started to sweat in anticipation and there were only four days to go until they were scheduled to arrive, Friday, Sept.

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