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Same sex couples face many unique legal issues, but we are committed to giving you and your family the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

in Finance We can finally just call it “marriage.” What does this mean for your finances as a couple?

Its a model of sexuality without it being talked about where the girls are giggly and stupid, and they are nasty with each other.

This is not who I want my daughter to be in the world as a woman.

Ginsbergs approach watching television with her child and talking about sexual references and situations is the ideal, said Rebecca Collins, a behavioral scientist at the Rand Corp.Parents, Collins said, can help make sense of the content.Research involving a Friends episode in which a condom failed showed that kids who watched it with parents walked away thinking condoms work most of the time because thats what their parents told them.And, on the CW, the 90210 gang of teens headed to Las Vegas to go clubbing and hook up.Contrast the 2011 fall lineup on Tuesday nights with that of 40 years ago (1971): Marcus Welby, M.

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