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The demos here are about the demoscene, not the limited versions of commercial games.

Many of the game engines require the original game data from commercial games.

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Old can also mean classic, best ever made, and great genres that are no longer commercially produced.

In the original game the user was invited to participate to some sort of treasure hunting in an underground world full of dangers, puzzles and above all dark corners to absolutely avoid if lacking any lighting souce (…).

Times change, there is the crisis and the premises of Legends of Zork, the and the land is in disarray.

(the virtual machine designed to interpret the textual games’ code, which so remained the same on any platform) is well documented since years and it was ported to a large number of operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux, it’s only about finding someone willing to work on it.

The best explanations on what Open BSD is, what you can do with it, and how does it work come from the Open BSD FAQ and Wikipedia.

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