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You can also see validated connections via the Administration Console: For detailed, but non-Mimecast specific, instructions on creating a Windows Azure Active Directory application, read the "How to Configure Your App Service Application to use Azure Active Directory Login" page on the Windows Azure website.

We'll automatically trigger a synchronization of your Active Directory at 8am, 1pm, and 11pm daily, with the timings taken from the Mimecast region where your account is held (e.g. For the Europe region, the timing is in the GMT timezone.

In fact, the ultimate decision on whether the caller should be challenged or not should be made by the authorization filters. The middleware we use takes advantage of Open ID Connect discovery to get the data it needs.

Looking at the dev branch I see there has been some refactoring in the way that the authentication events are handled and hopefully the issue has been resolved. It should remind us of the intended use of the Client Credentials Grant.

In the meantime I've created a fixed version of the middleware targeting RC1 that allows you to skip to the next middleware if token validation fails which will allow the processing to hit the and construct the challenge response ourselves to avoid hitting MVC middleware. We will try another OAuth2 flow a bit later but now let's take a break and have a look at the access token and take this opportunity to examine its content and better understand how token validation works. And as such they consist of 2 Based64 endcoded JSON parts (header and payload) plus a signature.

That is true both for your APIs as well as your consuming apps.

Let's go to the Active Directory section on the portal.

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