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He would have to convince her not to do anything rash. Since Overdrake’s attack on the Slayer’s jet Halloween night, being in planes had made Tori feel—well, not exactly claustrophobic.

What she felt was more of the general variety of panic.

“We have to be careful not just on our account, but Aaron’s too.” Dr. “I’ll take Theo and Booker to Pennsylvania and see what sort of security the building has. Meanwhile, I see no reason to delay practice further.” He waved a hand at the Slayers.

She wouldn’t feel badly about paying him back on Saturday at all.

Tori wouldn’t like having her information called into question, but he would talk to her at school tomorrow and make her see reason. For the rest of practice, Jesse’s concentration was off.

She couldn’t go off half-cocked by herself on a dangerous mission. He couldn’t shake images of Tori being captured, shot, or fed to the dragons. Chapter 16 Thursday, on the flight back to Maryland, Tori sat by the window.

They would lay out on the lawn and find shapes in the clouds. She was checking for some sort of blossoming psychosis, and apparently she thought she’d found it. When Aprilynne had said all of that stuff about Tori worrying their parents, Tori hadn’t taken her seriously. Oh, and that one is a rabbit.” Her mother turned to her again, speaking in the sympathetic tone parents used when they wanted to show they understood the problem.

“Honey, a lot of people experience periods of anxiety.

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