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It establishes the date you created the work and may be used to prove you were the first to make the piece.

Pack-Manning, who also cowrites plays and musicals with her husband, puts a copyright (©) symbol with her name and a date on her work as a deterrent to would-be copiers.

Haye confirms that the copyright symbol is optional (it isn’t required for copyright protection for works created after 1978), but “it is a way to put would-be infringers on notice of your rights, and that you intend to enforce them.” You can go further and register a work with the U. Copyright Office, which costs per piece and entitles you to certain types of damages and penalties if you choose to sue someone who has infringed on your copyright.Choreographers across the country started using mattresses in their own dances, after watching Kherington Payne and Stephen “t Witch” Boss in Mia Michaels’ bed routine on Season 4 of “So You Think You Can Dance.” “Ideas always come from someplace else,” says Shely Pack-Manning, national president of Dance Masters of America and director of The Shely Pack Dancers in California.She recalls one particularly popular routine by Mia Michaels on “So You Think You Can Dance” that used a bed as a prop.“It affects judging, I can tell you that,” says Pack-Manning.“I look at these pieces for their own value—at technique, execution, costuming—but in the back of my mind, if I’ve seen that dance somewhere else, they’re not going to get a choreography score that’s very high.” Additionally, there may be action you can take on site, if you spot other studios performing your work at a competition.

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