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She will play house, a role she is destined to take in the future. A lot of families keep a very tight control on their teenage daughters, while the boys can do as they please, go where they want & even take the car Teenage girls are invited to participate in household chores, taking care of younger siblings, and get praised for doing so, specially if they've cleaned their brother's room!Sexual education is absolutely out of the question. Teenage boys come in hungry from school and expect food to be ready (sounds familiar? They are taught to be entirely dependent on females for everyday activities: they will never learn to cook, do the dishes, do the laundry, buy their own underwear or go for groceries.

The recipes are named after the neighbour or the sister in law that gave them. No Armenian woman will allow any other woman to cook in her kitchen.

No man should adventure in changing diapers or cleaning the toilet bowl, since he won't perform as good as the woman; women are genetically designed to excel in such tasks; plus, such chores are considered useless, do not provide any material benefit, and are degrading to a man's honour.

Groceries can be a shared task, or they can be planned by the mother and executed by the father.

At his birthday, he will receive cars, trucks and construction blocks.

His entire attention is focused on male-restricted tasks. She will be taught to sew or knit dresses for the doll. After investigating and weeks of negotiations, we may allow you to go; but we drop you off, we stick around, we pick you up.

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